What is the value of nursing research

Discovering Nursing Research Lecture 1 What is the value of nursing research -Encourages provision of best care
-Relevant to change in care, get better
-Will have to apply research according to hospital policy

ACCN: The goal is that the graduate is able to review research and use research findings from nursing and other disciplines that can be applied to their clinical practiceValue of Nursing Research 1. Establishing Professionalism
-emerging profession
-developing body of knowledge
2. Accountability
-keeping current, read journals attend conferences
-Participation in research


research the characteristics of professional nursing.

Based on your research, answer the following question:

Identify the most important characteristic of professional nursing.

Question 2

Identify one professional nursing organization and how it enhances the power of nursing while also increasing nursing professionalism. Provide an example of its influence in areas of nursing practice, caring, professionalism, or other practi