What is one example of ageism that you have witnessed in healthcare?

Respond to these questions, including 1 reference to your readings on ageism. Be sure to include citation for readings.

  1. What is one example of ageism that you have witnessed in healthcare?
  2. How do you think ageism affects older adults?
  3. What do you think nurses can do to stop ageism in healthcare settings?
  1. Why is it important to articulate your Personal Philosophy of Nursing?
  2. What is the relationship between your Personal Philosophy of Nursing and your professional practice?
  3. What theories of nursing have you studied?
  4. Does your nursing practice follow any particular theorist(s)? Explain.

3 page paper This assignment requires proper APA format. This includes a title page, reference page, and proper headings.  
 Please use AHRQ , an organizational evidence-based standard and/or  applicable education Best Practice to guide your topic development. The introduction gives some history of the topic, the reason it is important to nursing practice and/or nursing education.
Include title page and reference page addressing the following:

Background of a clinical practice problem or educational problem related to your practice.  The PICO(T) format is used to organize research evidence to address clinical problems. You will use the PICO(T) question to identify relevant studies needed to develop evidenced based practice or best practices in nursing education. 
 This assignment is the first step in completing the final paper on a researchable topic in either nursing practice or nursing education.