weekly 3

                  Weekly Check-In 3         

In your Module 2 materials, you learn a  bit about deductive reasoning. While this type of reasoning is  characteristic of logic, mathematics, and geometry, there can be more  fun ways to practice it. In fact, many riddles rely on deductive  reasoning. For this weekly check-in, think about the following riddle without looking up the answer online:
While on a treasure hunt in the desert,  you come to the place where X marks the spot on your treasure map. After  clearing away the sand, you find three boxes. Each box has a message on  it, but only one message is true. The gold is in one box and the other  two boxes are empty. You can only open one box. You must deduce which  box contains the gold.
Box 1 says: The gold is not here.
Box 2 says: The gold is not here.
Box 3 says: The gold is in Box 2.
Which box contains the gold? Which box has the true message?
Before reading any other posts,  give your answers and the reasons for your answers in your own original  thread. Then, read over your classmates’ posts and consider your answer  in light of the other answers. Reply to at least two classmates, one who  has the same answer as yours and one who has a different answer. Say  whether or not you have changed your mind about your answer and why or  why not.
Remember…don’t look the answer up  online! Do your best to figure it out on your own. When you have the  right answer, you will know you have the right answer and no one will be  able to convince you otherwise. If you have the wrong answer, you will  know your answer is wrong as soon as you see the explanation for the  correct answer. There is no “in between.” This is the power of deductive  reasoning – it can guarantee it’s conclusions. While inductive reasoning tells us what is most reasonable to believe, it never has that ability on its own.

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