Team Leadership/Management Style


Part 1: According to the Sarin and O’Connor (2009) article, certain style and goal structures of team leaders have a strong influence on internal team dynamics.  Based on your research within the article and textbook, as well as your own experience, what team leader management style would be most effective in leading a team in which you were a member?

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Part 2: DeRue, Barnes, and Morgeson (2010) found that team leadership style effectiveness depended on the level of charisma exhibited by the leader.  Drawing from the article and the textbook, have you ever worked for a charismatic leader?  What style (coaching or directing) did that leader administer?  Was he or she effective in leading you as part of the team?



 [The kind of management style adopted by the team lead has their own advantages according to the leader which is for the best of the team and not for the benefit of specific individuals which will make the group to move towards a destination where the team will be able to cross the critical situations faced due to certain doings. The main essential thing is that to make the whole team to be united and inculcate collaborative thinking among the resource which will have a positive impact on the internal team dynamics. The team lead will assist other team members in a path that will help them gain valuable information regarding their functions and duties that have to be performed and share the knowledge to the fellow team members if anything learnt newly that might be of use and if the resource leaves the team the remaining team members will be able to handle the situation of crisis that might occur again. The team members will be guided by the team lead in such a way that the team members duties are aligned towards the organization objectives. These objectives must always be aligned towards value creation of the organization and enhance it but not degrade it. The management style must also give space for the work life balance which will enhance the individual towards better performance and peace of mind and this kind of leadership style to take care of the resources like a family will make the team members to have a satisfactory feedback towards the team lead as they are giving time for both work and family which is what any team members wants to be taken care like a family (Weingart, 2003).

            The motivation to the team members from the leader that will be able to motivate with their charisma which will show a enhanced state of the individual to deal with more complex things and find a solution for it. This motivation must ensure that the team member will move towards success and not in a direction opposite to it. This situation will be taken care by the leader based on his presence of mind to spread the charisma on the team members and make them comfortable with the situations and make them believe that he will be able to get out of it through a solution which has to be found by the team members itself and only the motivation to find the solution must be provided by the team lead and our team leader has made an impact in this kind of situation as a resource felt over pressurized by work and the team lead took him for a chat and made him understand that these situation are not permanent and the resource gained confidence and has been out of this situation and has been performing well and he has a different perspective towards the hindrances he faces and in this way my team leader has made a impact by his charisma (Riggio, 2006). ]

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