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Analysis Paper (10 points)

Students will be provided a case study (the case is attached)  to conduct a thorough SWOT
(Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis for an HCO. Papers will
be a maximum of 5 pages long (double spaced, font-size 11 or 12, Times New Roman,
margins 1’-1.5’) and include an executive summary.  Ideal format would include 1 page executive
summary (first page) and 1 page each for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities
and Threats.  Students will begin by
analyzing the HCO’s current mission, philosophy and culture and the HCO’s
distinct characteristics, competencies and shortcomings (strengths and
weaknesses).  They will then assess the
macro environment beyond the HCO that may affect the HCO.   They
will consider new technology, local population changes, unemployment levels,
disease prevalence and incidence, socio-economic levels of the population, new
laws, external compliance and accreditation requirements and other external
factors that may affect the HCO.  This
environmental analysis will reveal opportunities to pursue and threats to
protect against.  Appropriate references
and APA 6.0 style citation is necessary when citing papers and material.  This is an individual assignment and each
student will perform her/his own SWOT analysis. 
Students are required to submit their papers online by the date
indicated before 11.59 pm EST.  Late
submissions will attract a 3-point deduction for each day beyond the stipulated
deadline.  Extensions need to be obtained
at least 5 working days in advance.  

Rubric SWOT assignment:
Your paper will be graded based on the following:

strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats identified and categorized
appropriately with robust logic and fact based rationale  (9-10 points)

strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats identified and categorized
appropriately with rationale that could have been more compelling using facts
or information from the case(7-8 points)

strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats identified and categorized
appropriately with minimal rationale and use of information from case.  (6-7 points)

strengths, weaknesses, opportunities not identified and no rationale provided
(<  6 points)

style, use of APA, adherence to guidelines, language, clarity, supporting
(meets or exceeds – 5 points,  minor
writing and other issues – 3 points, 
systematic weaknesses in writing style, language etc. – 2 or fewer points

provided are for guidance purposes. Actual points may vary depending on quality
of overall work. 

The Case is attached please follow the instructions. 

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