Safety and Quality in Nursing

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Written assignment – Safety and Quality in Nursing

  1. In a 3-5 page paper (not including title page or reference page), Tutor is to write about a safety of quality issue in nursing and how they can actively be a part of the solution. which is Burnout in nursing and patient satisfaction
  2. Papers are to include:
    1. The safety or quality issue,
    2. Why the selected topic is an issue,
    3. What is currently being done about the safety/quality issue, and
    4. How they can actively take part in change.

This 15-18 page paper must be typed with a 1” margin on all sides, 5-space indentation, font 12 Times Roman, double-spaced. The paper will include a cover page, a 150-200 word abstract page, introduction, the body of the paper, conclusions, and references on a reference page. The paper should include at least six academic references. It must comply with APA rules.