Research Morocco and Compare, Contrast,health care system to the U.S.

Assigned Country Morocco

It is said that “…the U.S. healthcare system can benefit from looking at the successes and failures within other systems.” Compare the current U.S. healthcare system with the structure [government programs] the successes and the failures within the healthcare system of another country. You will be ASSIGNED the country Morocco to research for your final assessment, compare and contrast the health care system.

Examine how Morocco view healthcare and compare to U.S. healthcare 

Compare between U.S. and Morocco’s healthcare policies 

Use the rubric attached as your guide to compare U.S. and Morocco’s healthcare policies to that of another country’s government.

Should Include: 

APA Format

Title Page, Abstract, Introduction, six pages of  body that includes structure of Morocco Health Care compared to U.S. , Charts would be helpful, and a conclusion page, and a reference page. No plagiarism at all.


Thank You;