Putting Research into Practice

Written Assignment 2: Putting Research into Practice, Paper 2

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Purpose and Overview

The purpose of this assignment, which builds on Written Assignment 1 and is the second of the three Putting Research into Practice papers, is to investigate the nursing literature on the research problem area identified in Written Assignment 1 and to aggregate and report on research from the reports and articles investigated.


  • Select five nursing research reports from an online database relating to the selected research clinical issue. One report must be a qualitative report, one must be a quantitative report, and the rest can be either.
  • In a five-page paper, one page for each research report, present a summary of each report using the table format presented below, which can be copied and pasted as needed or downloaded from the “Course Documents” folder at the top section of the course Web site. A reference page is not required, since references for each article will be cited in the table.Sample Table for Written Assignment 2
Title of research articleUse APA format for title:Struthers, S. (2008). Nurse staffing and quality. Journal of Critical Care Quality, 23(3), 1–31.
Type of research studyQualitative
Purpose of studyExample: The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of nurse staffing and organizational support for nursing care on: a) nurses’ dissatisfaction with their jobs, b) nurse burnout, c) quality of patient care, d) patient satisfaction, and e) nurse errors.Note: Also include a brief summary that addresses the reasons the author(s) give of why this study was done.
Methods/sampleExample: This was a descriptive method using a survey tool. The sample was comprised of 30 nurses from three states.
ResultsExample: Dissatisfaction, nurse burnout, and concern about the quality of patient care being given was a common theme of the nurses surveyed.[Report the results of the study, statistics used, conclusions]
LimitationsThere were a limited number of participants in the sample.
ConclusionsThe themes of dissatisfaction, burnout, and concern for rendering quality care require further investigation as to their relationship to the quality of nursing care provided.

[MO6.2, 6.3]

For guidance on the use of APA format refer to the APA publication manual. Alternatively, within your course site, click Student Resources at the top of the page then Educational Resources and Writing Style Guides. Within the guides, search for “APA Style.”