PRISM Assignment

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This assignment has one artefact 

Justified research methodology proposal of  3000 words

Submit a 3000 word detailed research proposal fully justified.  Please read the full assignment brief in this folder 

Having chosen a research topic, you should complete the following parts:

1.    Introduction a. Provide a title and background

• Background: a brief overview of the topic or problem, including your motivation for selection of this research topic

2.    Literature review, drawing on some key pieces of topic-related literature, explain why researching the topic or problem is important using knowledge and understanding of key theories/models from Project Management or related domains. In addition to this you can provide a table in the Appendix summarizing at least 7-10 sources that your research will draw on to justify your research context and design decisions. The table should have columns for aims/objectives of paper, topics discussed and any areas identified for future research. Based on this table, you can present the possible area that your research will face based on a gap or suggestion in existing literature. An example is in enclosed in the folder b. Overall research question(s), aim(s) and objective(s): these should be clear, succinct and specific. They should also be related to Project Management. You should also provide a diagram of the conceptual or theoretical framework which shows the relationship between concepts. .

3.     Methodology a. Philosophical position b. Methodology (survey, case study …) and the reason why this methodology is suitable for this research c. A clear and suitable sampling method. d. A clear and suitable data collection method (including administration, including instrument design and a list of interview questions or an example of a questionnaire). e. A clear and suitable explanation of how the data will be analysed.

4.    Critical evaluation Going down through each layer of Saunders et al.’s (2019 or earlier) ‘Research Onion’, write a critical evaluation of your research proposal developed (drawing on a wide range of research methodology literature). As a result you should state based on your critique, why your approach is the most suitable approach for your chosen research topic and why other approach(es) are NOT suitable. This may be the quantitative or qualitative approach, you must decide and defend your choice. Remember you need to justify all the steps, eg. why have you chosen this specific methodology and data collection tool? Why they are appropriate for addressing your research question and research problem? PRISM1 asked for a general indication of your method, so this is the opportunity to give a detailed justification and demonstrate your application of deeper levels of critical ability applied to research design. N.B. For parts 3 & 4 you should use between 5 – 7 research method sources. Important note: you must NOT actually collect or analyse any data for this coursework  – this is just the proposal stage where you set out how you plan to collect and analyse the data. The general guidelines for marking this piece are given below – this will give you an indication of the weighting applied to each part (which will also guide you in terms of the word count for each part).

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