Nursing influence on patient outcome

In the paper, using nursing journals and research article, explore the followimy:
-Nursing influence on patient outcome
-Registered Nurse role and responsibility
-Adapting to health changes and meeting the needs of the patients
-Lateral Violence
-Continuing education
-APA format
-6-10 cited references ( the only acceptable we-based sources are .edu or .org) CINAHL is a great Nursing resource 
-1000 words or more


The body of the report shall be ten (10) pages, double-spaced and type written. This does not include the title page or reference page • Term paper shall be in MS Word [.doc], Corel WordPerfect [.wpd], or Rich Text Format [.rtf] • Your term paper format must follow the American Psychological Association (A.P.A.) guidelines.• All work, words, and ideas of others must be cited. • Papers not in A.P.A. format will result in a reduced grade. The report will have a minimum of three (3) references in the bibliography. References may include: • text books • magazine articles • newspaper articles • reference books (encyclopedia, dictionary) • electronic media (Internet material)and references using the A.P.A. format.

Term Paper Topics • Select from one of the following topics:

• The Elements of a Risk Management Plan

• The Fair Access to Insurance Requirements(FAIR)Plan

• The United States Fire Problem • Risk Management Practices in the Fire Service • Risk Management and Safety as an Organizational Culture