Nursing Case Study –Critical Appraisal

NURS90059: Essay on Critical Appraisal – Nurses Make Clinical Decisions Daily | Nursing Case Study Assessment Answers

Assessment Task 1: Nursing Case Study Critical Appraisal (Individual)

Assessment Purpose: Nurses make clinical decisions daily. The complexity of those decisions increases with increasing scope of practice and decision-making autonomy. To ensure that their decisions are correct and in the best interest of their patients, nurses must engage in critical appraisal of research evidence. To engage in critical appraisal effectively, nurses must develop critical appraisal skills. Such skills are fundamental to systematically examining research evidence to determine its reliability or trustworthiness, its value and application to practice (i.e. relevance to patients). To fulfil this purpose, this assessment asks the students to critically appraise four (4) published research papers. The published research papers have been selected by the subject coordinator and teaching assistants. All students will critically appraise the SAME PAPERS. This assessment is an opportunity for students to practice and gain confidence in their critical appraisal skills. By practicing critical appraisal skills students will be in better position to appraise the research evidence needed to support their evidencebased group projects.

Assessment Outline: Critical appraisal is the systematic evaluation of clinical research papers using appropriate frameworks such as PICOT to answer the following:

Does this study address a clearly focused question?

Did the study use valid methods to address this question?