Mindful Eating and Meditation Journal

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Consider the following: A mindfulness practice is the key to fully living and experiencing the events in your life. When we are mindful, the simplest experience becomes more meaningful. We live in a society that places emphasis on language and the cognitive process (over thinking!), so we often repress our sensory experiences. In addition, paying attention to “what’s happening now without judgment” increases our ability to have healthy relationships as our ability to communicate effectively is improved.

Write a journal entry for EACH chapter of Sustainable Living & Mindful Eating assigned this module. Each module you will have TWO journals. You can find the format for this assignment at the end of each chapter in the course textbook: Mindful Eating and Reflection Journal.

Reflect on any current mindful eating AND meditation experience you have after reading the chapters for the module, listening to the CD or viewing the meditation video, or any experience you have during the week where you felt you were developing these skills. Use the attached template as a guide for completing your journals.

Use the following suggestions when completing your journal entry for each chapter:

  • It is important to build both your Mindful Eating practice AND your Mindfulness meditation practice. Your journal can be about anything you eat, as we all have unique experiences and interpret the readings/materials in various ways.
  • Use the questions within the template to complete your journal entries by addressing the questions within the template in relation to the Sustainable Living & Mindful Eating chapters you have read.
  • Remember there are two parts to this assignment: Questions 1-4 and Question 5. Please make sure to cover all questions in order to be eligible for maximum points. You may type directly into the assignment box, but please follow the assignment format exactly.
  • There is no right or wrong answer with this assignment. It is meant for you to practice learning mindful eating and mindfulness as part of your daily routine. As long as I can tell you are reading the course materials and are somehow relating it to what is happening in your daily life, what you decide to reflect on is up to you. It is your journal for personal growth and reflection! It is also kept private between student and instructor.
  • Please put forth effort with this assignment. I will be closely reading each and every one of them. One sentence answers really are not going to cut it! Since this is your own personal experience, it should not be difficult to write a short paragraph or at least several sentences for each section of the journal. You actually might find it fun, helpful, and even stress relieving for you to jot down your thoughts and experiences as they come up in your journals. Do not over think it!
  • This assignment will help you develop the beginnings of your mindful eating AND meditation practice. Paying attention to your experiences and staying in the moment while quieting the mind can be a challenge. If your mind drifts from the moment, be patient with yourself without judging your experience. Remember, you are just beginning and practicing so stay with it!

Note. For your mindful eating reflection, you can refer to this video as a practice tool.

This assignment is aligned with the following core competences:

  • Understand how stress is manifested through class exercises and readings.
  • Incorporate a mindfulness practice into daily living
  • Mastery of effective oral and written communication in assignments and classroom discussions.

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