Marketing essay 4 to 6 pages about a different country’s call center

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This is your first assignment. This A-1 assignment is due on September 28th by 11:59 pm. It is worth 10% of your final grade. Spend the time to do a good job and do not blow it off.

Read the following scenario.

Scenario: Your company, Montezuma Inc., a small technology firm, is interested in opening a customer call center in another country where the wages for customer service representative is significantly lower than those paid to workers in the United States. You have already decided that your customer service representatives will be citizens of your host country. Now, you are trying to determine how to structure your management team for the call center. You are looking for the best possible management team in order to keep your employees motivated and productive.

Now, determine the best country to establish your call center and the best approach for staffing your management team. Further, discuss what role country culture played in choosing the right country for your call center. Write your answer in essay format (not less than 750 words and not more than 2000). Provide references in APA format.

Before you start writing, watch a MOVIE called OUTSOURCED (not the television series by the same name, but the film). It is available on Netflix. For those who do not have a Netflix account, a copy is available for you to borrow from the library. This copy also has subtitles. You can check for other free online sources for the film, but that is your own choice. It is about 98-100 minutes long. This will give you some context in providing your answer. Also, watching the movie is a necessary element for A-2 which will be due very soon in a matter of weeks. So do not skip watching the film.

please keep the wording so easy so I can read it and understand it and when the prof ask me about it i can answer her and please tell me

what country will you chose befor you start writing


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