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to beginning work on this discussion please read the Hurley (2013)
Trait vs. Fate @ Trait vs. Fate.odt and Weaver, et al. (2004) Epigenetic Programming by
Maternal Behavior @
and review the Webster “The Great Rat Mother Switcheroo” online
article @

this week’s required resources, we have learned that while our
genes have a lot to say about who we are, environmental factors,
particularly parental behavior, can shape the behavior of offspring
on a biochemical level.  Using the assigned Hurley and Weaver et
al. articles, briefly describe the research that has been done with
rat mothers to illustrate this phenomenon. In your initial post of a
minimum of 350 words, explain the implications of the research on
parental behavior and environmental factors as they relate to human
personality development. Describe how this research data might be
used to explain unhealthy personality traits. Describe how the
emerging field of epigenetics is impacting the longstanding nature vs
nurture paradigm. Be sure to cite the Hurley and Weaver, et al.
articles in your initial post.

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