how ideal body in media affect teenager lives

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here is the structure for your outlines which you should print out and bring with you to the next class. Make sure to fill in each section with articles to support writing that section or sentences explaining what you will talk about in that section and what you may still need to do to prepare for writing that section. Thanks,

Tentative Essay Title ( how ideal body in media affect teenager lives )

Thesis Statement – jut write out your thesis statement (one sentence – what you are trying to prove and how you are going to prove it)

Introduction/Background Info on Topic – statistics, jargon, and pertinent background info relative to explaining your topic to those who may not know much about it

Body Paragraph One – First way you will support your argument (forms of media)

Body Paragraph Two – Second way you will support your argument (women’s ideal types throughout history )

Body Paragraph Three – Third way you will support your argument (negative effect of ideal body on teenager )

Body Paragraph fourth -way you will support your argument (real health body and (body mass index)

Rebuttal – acknowledge the counter arguments of your opponents ( some believe that media has positive influences style and people being skinny is not a real problem. m not trying to dispute the massive effect has filed to produce? They admire women just like them, the message that skinny is better )

Conclusion – Summary of findings and what’s next for the future of your topic? Where is your topic likely going in the next 10-15 years?

Papers will be 8-12 pages (10 pages is a good number to aim for) and will utilize 10-15 sources for references

  • Length: Minimum of 10 pages plus title page and References page(s). Like all course assignments, the research paper must be double-spaced and follow consistent formatting.The page count reflects the minimum length requirement on the current rubric – longer is encouraged.
  • Sources: Approximately 12-15 reliable sources (peer-reviewed academic sources should be represented as references)
  • Original, college level thesis developed by student. Thesis statement must clearly make an analytical claim that is relevant and insightful. Demonstrates topic knowledge.
  • Content consisting of approximately 80% student’s original wording/ideas and 20% cited material
  • Formal research paper tone and language – no use of personal pronouns, narratives etc.
  • Topic chosen for paper must be approved by instructor as relevant to the theme of the course
  • A presentation of the material must be cogent and organized (5-10 mins)

Plagiarism, whether intentional or unintentional, should result in a minimum of a failing paper. As reflected in the Academic Integrity Policy, professors have the right to handle cases of plagiarism in the manner they deem appropriate including paper failure, class failure, paper resubmission etc.