Assignment: Applying Theory to Practice and Research

There are four common theories often used in public health. They are: the Theory of Reasoned Action, the Health Belief Model, the Theory of Planned Behavior, and the Trans-theoretical Stages of Change. While these are not the only theories used in public health, they are most often utilized in the field. As a future public health leader, it is imperative to have a firm understanding of these four widely used theories so you can understand what motivates and influences people to change their behavior or attitudes related to public health issues. For this Application Assignment, select one article for each theory or one article that discusses all of the theories and summarize the information. Focus on how the theory was applied in practice and how this information may help guide you in the development of your public health campaign (Prescription Drug Overdose)

Submit the assignment (4 pages not including title and reference page)

· Select one article on each of the following theories: Theory of Reasoned Action, Health Belief Model, Theory of Planned Behavior, and Trans-theoretical Stages of Change or select one article that discusses all of the theories;

· Summarize how each theory is applied to practice;

· Explain two strengths of each theory;

· Explain at least two limitations of each of the theories;

· Select one theory you would like to use in the development of your public health campaign (PRESCRIPTION DRUG OVERDOSE) and justify your selection.

Support your Application Assignment with specific references to all resources used in its preparation. You are to provide a reference list for all resources(MIN 4). Your written assignments must follow APA guidelines. Refer to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association to ensure your in-text citations and reference list are correct 

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The purpose of this assignment is to thoroughly evaluate one drug used to treat cancer. 

This assignment should cover all aspects of the drug which may include: drug discovery, mechanism of action, molecular interactions, scientific/medical studies, medical diagnosis of disease, disease background/prevalence, drug administration, dosing, side effects, nursing considerations, and effectiveness/efficacy of drug. 

Format: 4 PAGES (not including references or title page). Font size 12. 

Calibri Font .

 APA format. 

AT LEAST three references must be from primary literature (PubMed ( is a great place to look. 

PubMed Central will give full length articles.).

 Proper grammar and clear/concise sentence structure will be crucial. 

Proper grammar and clear/concise sentence structure will be crucial.

Proper grammar and clear/concise sentence structure will be crucial.

Proper grammar and clear/concise sentence structure will be crucial.




 Due February 23th. 

Multidisciplinary Approach to Health Promotion


Multidisciplinary Approach to Health Promotion

Think about the approach to strategic planning and the resource allocation related to promoting a holistic health care promotion plan for diabetic Latino population. Who are the stakeholders that will be involved in the implementation of the plan? How will you get them on board with the plan? How will you incorporate culturally sensitive strategies in this endeavor? Also, identify resources that will help empower your chosen population in attaining and maintaining health.

Address the following in this assignment:

1. Describe the potential disciplines that will participate in health care promotion as well as disease prevention and management for Latinos with diabetes.

2. Describe the potential interrelationships and communication among different health care delivery settings for Latinos with diabetes. Include the involvement of patients, families, groups, nurses, interdepartmental health care teams, community-based stakeholders, and governments (local, state, and federal).

3. Explain how the incorporated health care promotion strategies are culturally competent.

Identify and advocate for resources that may empower populations in attaining and maintaining health.

Written Requirements

Written communication: Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message.

APA formatting: Resources and citations are formatted according to APA style and formatting.

Number of resources: 8–10 citations.

Length of paper: 5–8 pages.

Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.

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What leadership qualities did Whitmore highlight and state that were likely to be common to all leaders? Do you agree or disagree with Whitmore’s assessment? Why or why not? Add at least one additional value that you feel is important and explain your rationale. 

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Apa format 

250 words 

HCS 490 Week 3 Current Article Summary

Find a short news or online article that has been recently published (within the current month) that addresses healthcare reform in the United States.


Write a 350- to 700-word summary that describes the issue and its impact on the health industry and society as a whole.


Consider the following:What is the article about?Does the article provide a national or global perspective about the issue?Does the information presented in the article affect you or people you know? Explain.Does the article make any claims about possible solutions or responses to the issue?

Format your summary consistent with APA guidelines.





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Module 06 Discussion – Healthcare Applications

 Research the Internet about healthcare apps that are available to you. Describe how your choice educates patients, increases awareness, and advances care. Discuss the benefits of healthcare apps and who would benefit from them most. Specifically address how they can help health care professionals. 


Please answer to this discussion post with no less than 150 words. APA style, reference and no plagiarism is a must. Similarity report should be less than 20%. Thanks 

HealthCare and Governance

Discussion 5

Yitsy Serrano

Florida National University

Political institutions are fundamental in the health sector in establishing democracy and economic growth. It is worth mentioning that political rights are guaranteed financial performance within the health spectrum. Electoral process and government are significant in both family life and daily work in the sense that public concerns are addressed democratically by voting representatives. Apart from democracy, electoral process can induce change within the scope of leadership.

Health policies affect practitioners inclusive of nurses not only in their area of work but also as an individual. (Bristol and Zerwekh, 2011) Quality within a system of healthcare depends on how stuff executes their respective duties without which delegation of responsibilities is incoherent. Right health policies take into account the rights of the nurses and protect their interests regarding the allocation of finances within the arena. 

For instance, mental health policies address the concerns of the contextual factors of epidemiology. Besides strengthening skills, quality of life and patient outcomes depends on the correct implementation of the health policies within the avenue of health. (Bristol and Zerwekh, 2011) Consequently, strict adherence to ethical conduct and integrity within the health domain is fueled by sound health policies. Regulatory policies relative to handling of emergencies might drive nurses’ involvement in political campaigns

Creating organizational policies such as nurse staffing and workplace advocacy strategies are integral in situations where nurse’s voices neglected within the health avenue, empowering of practitioners within the health sector batten up the delivery of quality of health. Conversely shared governance contribute profoundly to ensuring that nurse’s voices heard. Such strategies will ensure that nurses are efficiently involved in workplace decisions affecting patient care.


Health Policies, Retrieved from  at 1600hrs on 12/10/2017

Bristol, T. and Zerwekh, J. (2011). Essentials of e-learning for nurse educators. Philadelphia: F.A. Davi

NUR3045 Module 2 Quiz Chapter 5 2017


Question 1 While caring for a patient from the Chinese culture, the nurse learns that the patient has a specific practice that follows yin and yang. What impact will this have on the patient’s dietary intake?

1. The patient will eat only specified combinations of food.
2. Some foods are only eaten at different times of the year.
3. There are specific foods for specific purposes.
4. Identifies if foods should be eaten hot or cold

Question 2 What would the nurse identify as contributors to illness?

Select all that apply.

1. Imbalance of body, mind, or spirit
2. Imbalance with the family
3. Imbalance with the community
4. Imbalance with the forces of the natural world
5. Imbalance with socioeconomic status

Question 3 While performing a home assessment, the home care nurse identifies traditional practices that the patient uses to protect health.Which are practices used to protect health?

Select all that apply.

1. Picture of a saint hanging on the wall in the bedroom
2. String of garlic hanging in the kitchen
3. Burning a candle on the kitchen table
4. Wearing a purple scarf
5. Chanting prayers

Question 4 Which actions would the nurse categorize as traditional mental HEALTH maintenance?

1. Activities to concentrate and stimulate the mind
2. Avoiding physically demanding hobbies
3. Using medications to preserve chemical balance in the brain
4. Wearing head covering in the cold to preserve head warmth

Question 5 Which action do most people take when experiencing a mild illness?

1. Rely on self-treatment or do nothing.
2. Ingest herbs specific to how they are feeling.
3. Consult a local faith HEALER.
4. Immediately seek medical attention.

Question 6 A patient wants to use a complementary medicine approach for a chronic health problem. Which approaches would the nurse suggest the patient use?

Select all that apply.

1. Hypnotherapy
2. Qi gong
3. Biofeedback
4. Reiki

Question 7 During an assessment, a patient tells the nurse, “An onion a day keeps everyone away.” How does this philosophy protect health?

1. An onion protects the person from coming in contact with those who might be ill.
2. This philosophy affirms the belief in the power of onions to prevent disease.
3. This philosophy recognizes the special antibiotic properties contained within onions.
4. This philosophy advertises that onions have special healing abilities.

Question 8 Which action does the nurse recognize as essential for maintaining health?

1. Having a strong familial and social support system
2. Practicing moderation in all activities
3. Ensuring proper balance in all aspects of life
4. Taking a daily multivitamin

Question 9 During a health history, a patient tells the nurse about following traditional epidemiological practices. What is the purpose of these practices?

1. Preserve a heritage
2. Used as a part of the patient’s religion.
3. Cure an illness
4. Uses folk medicine herbal remedies

Question 10 Which activities does the nurse recognize as being used by a patient to restore health?

Select all that apply.

1. Drinking herbal tea
2. Using massage
3. Prayer
4. Meditation
5. Purging

Question 11 A patient tells the nurse that an illness was caused by the evil eye. What are common beliefs about this cause of illness?

Select all that apply.

1. Power comes from the eye and strikes a victim.
2. The onset of illness is sudden.
3. The person who cast the evil eye may not be aware of the power.
4. The illness may be cured with rituals.
5. The illness will become chronic.

Question 12 Which statement would the nurse utilize to define HEALTH?

1. The balance of a person within the outside world
2. A continuous struggle between balance and imbalance
3. Recovering from an illness
4. Physical wholeness for activity

Question 13 While assessing a patient from the Jewish culture, the nurse learns that the patient believes that an illness is being caused by another soul. What is this health belief considered?

1. Aberglobin

2. Kayn aynhoreh

3. Szatan

4. Dybbuk

Question 14 While working with community members of different cultures, the nurse learns a variety of beliefs about the evil eye. What are the consistent variables of this cause of illness?

Select all that apply.

1. How it is cast
2. Who can cast it
3. Who receives it
4. Degree of power it has
5. What body part is afflicted 

Question 15 The nurse is trying to determine if a treatment that a patient has been taking for an illness is considered a homeopathic remedy. Which are criteria of homeopathy?

Select all that apply.

1. The person, and not the disease, is being treated.
2. Does not conform to scientific standards
3. A substance used would cause symptoms in a healthy person.
4. Spinal manipulation realigns mental impulses.

Question 16 The nurse notes that a patient’s religion is identified as being Christian Science. How will this religious belief impact the health care that the patient will want?

1. The patient will choose the method of health care that is the most effective.
2. The patient will use similar treatments for healing disease.
3. The patient uses aromas for healing.
4. The patient will ask for spinal manipulation.

Question 17 The nurse notes that a patient’s religion is identified as being Christian Science. How will this religious belief impact the health care that the patient will want?

1. The patient will choose the method of health care that is the most effective.
2. The patient will use similar treatments for healing disease.
3. The patient uses aromas for healing.
4. The patient will ask for spinal manipulation.

Question 18 In some cultures, spitting is a health protection activity done after giving someone else a compliment. What is the purpose of this action?

1. Prevents the recipient of the compliment from receiving an evil spell
2. Avoids direct speech afterwards with the person who receives the compliment
3. Prevents the recipient of the compliment from being too flattered
4. Makes the air better to take in the compliment

Question 19 Which patient statement reflects a spiritual belief that defines illness?

1. “I am being punished for breaking a religious code.”
2. “It is a necessary part of my religious culture.”
3. “I failed to wear special amulets to ward it off.”
4. “I am sick because I violated dietary practices.”

Question 20 The nurse learns that a patient used to follow homeopathic medicine but now only uses allopathic medicine approaches. What is the significance of allopathic medicine?

1. Espouses empiric methods for treating disease
2. Accepts other forms of therapy as valid for treating disease
3. Is practiced only where it is accepted
4. Encompasses different treatment modalities within its framework

Nurse Change project

Change project: In South Florida patients with type 2 diabetes, does lifestyle modification such as diet and physical activity help lower HBA1C compared to 

those who do not make life style changes.

Write a literature review of your change project topic using peer-reviewed articles, books, and evidence-based guidelines. Identify and cite all sources of data according to APA guidelines. The goal is to review and critique the most current research to support your change project; this research will help drive the focus of your research.Summarize the key findings and provide a transition to the methods, intervention, or clinical protocol section of your final paper. Describe any gaps in knowledge that you found and the effects this may have on nursing practice as it relates to your change project topic. The literature review should be a synthesis of how each article relates to your change project. Also, when writing your literature review, remember to include subtopics to your main topic and gather data on these areas as well. For example, if you are doing a project on cancer, then subtopics for cancer treatments should be included.

A minimum of 10 Peer-reviewed articles

Literature is supported by scientific evidence that is credible and timely. Subtopics 

are used to support the main topic.

Presents a thorough and insightful analysis of significant findings related to the change project topic. Ideas are synthesized and professionally sound and creative. Insightful and comprehensive conclusions and solutions are present

Your integrative literature review should be at least 6 pages