Gender Issues in the Workplace

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Please answer the following questions. I also included reading material if useful for references. 

Change in the Workplace

 You may not remember a time when women were raised to have children and men were raised to be the breadwinner. If men went to college, their field of focus was often math or science whereas women were expected to move into the field of education or nursing.  Many women were expected to get a secretarial job, work until they found a husband so they could have children and be a house wife.  Fast forward to the present, the workplace is different as are the expectations for men and women. 

Reflect and respond on how the workplace has changed from your perspective.  Remember, everyone will have different experiences and perspectives depending on age, where you grew up or the type of work done in the past. In responding, make sure to use the material from the videos and readings to demonstrate your points. Cite and reference the sources used.

Wage Gap

Hsu (2011) discussed that in 1980 more women enrolled in college than men.  Even today more women than men pursue a higher education and receive a greater number of honor degrees and earn a Bachelor’s degree (Hsu, 2011).  Women are showing they are equal to men in the academic world but once they enter the job market, women earn 80 cents on the dollar of what a man earns despite having equal qualifications if not better (Hsu, 2011).  This difference is attributed to gender differences.  For example, Hsu (2011) claims that the lack of wage parity is not due to differences in qualifications that create the gap in earnings but is caused by gender because the workplace is inherently biased against women through stereotyping and expectations of women’s roles and their actions.  

Do you agree or disagree with this statement?  Why or why not? 

What other inequalities, if any, exists in the workplace for both men and women?  Make sure to use the course material, videos and material from your own research to demonstrate your points. 

Using this week’s course material or outside research, what are three major takeaways on inequality between men and women that you found in your readings? Identify the articles you read and discuss your findings. Do you agree or disagree with what was stated?  Why?

What can society do about gender equality in the workplace? 


Hsi, C. (2011, Dec. 1). Gender inequality in the workplace.  The Harvard Independent.  Retrieved from

Material that can be used:

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