Evidence Selection & Critical Appraisal Using CASP – PICO framework

Evidence Selection & Critical Appraisal Using CASP – PICO framework – Nursing Assignment Help

This assessment builds on assessment 1. Students should use their feedback provided from assessment 1 to refine and strengthen their searchable question to address clinical
uncertainty, search terms and search strategy. Assessment 1 should be refined andresubmitted to form the beginning of this assessment using the template provided.

PART 1: Students are to develop a question to address the area of uncertainty, and demonstratetheir ability to use the PICO framework, and document a systematic method to search literature.
Students should complete the worksheet provided and document their searchable question, keysearch terms, and evidence of their database search (i.e. using Medline or CINAHL).

PART 2: Students are required to select ONE article that best addresses their clinical uncertainty(This paper may be a Randomised Controlled Trial or a qualitative article). Students should appraise this selected paper using the relevant CASP tool for critical appraisal. A detailed criticalappraisal is required of the selected paper.

PART 3: Following appraisal, students are required to provide a short (600 word) answer to address the following questions.
1. What are some of the barriers and enablers to you implementing evidence based practice in yourworkplace?
2. Provide a short summary of the important information that relates to your clinical question, explain