Editing Paper analysis

The paper already has 10-12 pages, all you have to do is edit it like it says below and fix the mistakes listed on the attachment

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LENGTH: 10-12 pages, double-space, Times New Roman 12 font, and 1 inch margins. The 10-12 pages DO NOT INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING: Title page, executive summary, table of contents, appendixes, and reference page.  Therefore, the 10-12 pages ONLY APPLY TO THE BODY OF THE PAPER, beginning with the description of the policy and ending with the policy alternatives.

In writing your policy analysis paper, you must include all of the following:
1. Select and clearly define a specific State of Florida, Miami-Dade County, Broward County, local Municipality, or FIU policy in effect for at least FIVE years.
2. Carefully describe the historical context in which the problem arose and in which the existing policy for solving the problem was developed.
3. Describe the economic, social, physical and political factors affecting the origin, development, and implementation of the current policy.
4. Evaluate the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of the current policy in dealing with the problem.
5. Identify alternative policies or policy changes that could be adopted to solve the selected problem and estimate the economic, social, political, and environmental costs and benefits of each.


1. Title Page
2. Executive Summary (must be written last, after the paper is completed)
3. Table of Contents (look at Chapter 4 of The Political Science Student Writer’s Manual for proper formatting)
4. Outline of essay’s organization:
           I. Define Policy: a clear description of the policy in force
           II. History: a brief history of the policy, including the economic, social, and political environments in which the problem arose; a clear description of the problem the policy was created to resolve, including an estimate of its extent and importance; information on who put the policy in place and why.
           III. Environmental Factors
                A. Physical Factors: description of any physical factors that affect the origin, development, and
                     implementation of the current policy (i.e. if you are analyzing a policy regarding the Everglades, you
                     would include here specific regions, wildlife, or physical or tangible elements involved within your
                B. Social Factors: identify the socio-economic players affected by the policy and explain why: who
                      benefits from the policy? Who suffers from the policy? Social factors include but are not limited to the
                      following: age, race, gender, social class, religion, sex, and education.
                C. Economic Factors: describes the cost of implementing and developing the policy: how much is spent?
                      Who pays for it? Who benefits financially? Who suffers financially?
                D. Political Factors: identifies the political players affected by the policy: who supports the policy? Who
                      opposes the policy? Political factors may include: political parties, religious organizations, civil rights
                      groups/organizations, non-profit organizations, for-profit organizations. Please do NOT include
                      individual politicians.
           IV. Effectiveness and Efficiency of the policy: an explanation on how well the existing policy achieves what
                  it was designed to solve; presents an analysis on how well the policy performs in relation to the effort
                  and resources committed to it.
           V. Policy alternatives: presents possible alterations to the policy, recommendations of alternatives to the
                policy (replace the policy with another), or a recommendation to remove the policy.
5. References: you must cite all of your sources, both cited and consulted. Follow the directions for proper citation in Chapter 5 of The Political Science Student Manual. The paper should be cited in Chicago style.

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