Discussion-Assignment for Domestic Violence and IPV

Navigate the website www.womenshealth.gov to review the topics in Module 9 to gain an understanding of this type of threat to women, to include: Conduct a self-assessment to identify potential risk for domestic violence:

http://www.womenshealth.gov/violence-against-women/index.html?from=AtoZ Recognize the health implications strongly related to IPV:

http://www.womenshealth.gov/violence-against-women/types-of-violence/domestic-intimate-partner-violence.html Identify factors that may contribute to domestic violence:



http://www.consultant360.com/article/intimate-partner-violence-silent-epidemic Increase awareness of the healthcare community’s efforts to address violence:


You are only assigned the video section presented by Debbie Lee at the CDC Grand Rounds in 2012. This video portion is located from 39:05 through 51:27 (12 minutes). She is presenting interesting topics related to prevention, impact of AFA, and the partnership between numerous agencies to reduce domestic violence.

   ASSIGNMENT FOR YOUR GROUP DISCUSSION FORUM: Select one of the initiatives presented by Debbie Lee and explore the website for the selected plan for preventing violence to summarize the purpose of the program, the target population for the program, and does Georgia participate in the initiative. http://www.cdc.gov/violenceprevention/pdf/creating-statewide-prevention-plans2-a.pdf http://www.cdc.gov/ViolencePrevention/DatingMatters/index.html http://startstrong.futureswithoutviolence.org/ Explore your local community to identify resources that provide shelter, safety, and /or long term restoration for victimized women and briefly summarize your findings.