Developing a care plan for optimal health outcomes for people with chronic and complex healthcare needs Intent

Assessment task 1 : Developing a care plan for optimal health outcomes for people with chronic and complex healthcare needs Intent: This assessment assists students to integrate policy and evidence to support optimal care planning and care delivery for those with chronic and complex care needs. Linking this learning to discrete case studies enables students to reflect on this knowledge in practice within one designated area health service, a skill commonly required by registered nurses when working with those with chronic care conditions to ensure optimal care delivery across settings. Objective: This assessment task addresses subject learning objectives A, C and E. This assessment task contributes to the development of graduate attributes: 1.0,2.0,4.0 and 5.0. Part A: Students are to provide a summary of policy and evidence supporting optimal care delivery for people with chronic and complex healthcare needs in relation to one disease area. Key disease areas with related policy and evidence for review will be provided with students able to choose a focus area and add to the evidence base, as needed. A draft Part A executive summary is to be brought to class in week 3 for peer feedback. The tutor will mark this work as complete. Additional information on writing an executive summaryExecutive summary 19.pptx Part B: Students will be provided with 3 case scenarios and choose 1 to focus on. In relation to this chosen case study, students consider the recommendations for the patient (and their family’s) care within one particular local health district within Sydney. This is informed by the summary from Part A and enhanced by investigation into local resources available, specific to a designated area health service. Choose one case study to inform Part B of your assessment:OCCC Case Studies assessment 1(1).docx Local Health Districts: Sydney Children’s Hospital Network Central Coast Local Health District Western Sydney Local Health District South Western Sydney Local health District Frequently asked questions 92443 Assessment 1_FAQ.docx The marking matrix for Optimising care in chronic and complex conditions Assessment 1: OCCC assessment 1 marking criteria _1_ 19.docx Part A (formative) – draft to be brought to tutorial week 3 for peer feedback (Tutor will sight and record your draft as complete) Part A and Part B (summative) – due week 7 (submitted through Turnitin) Weight: 50% Length: Part A:500 words; Part B: 1500 words I choose Diabetes type 2 as my chronic disease.