Constructivist approach to learning

FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE   Please  note – only the information covered in the first 4 weeks will be on the Midterm!   Some  of these concepts are covered early in the course; others are covered after the midterm. This serves as a guide to help you as you are preparing and studying for the midterm and final. Reviewing the text, notes, and powerpoints along with this list is also  recommended.

Stages  of Play
Attribution  Theory/Rotter’s Theory (internal  vs external)
Characteristics  of Expert Teachers (content vs pedagogy)
Characteristics  of Expert Students (self-efficacy, volition, effort)
Ainsworth’s  attachment theory

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Piaget  Equilibration, assimilation, accommodation
Research support
Critical  Thinking/Creativity
Vygotsky (ZPD,  scaffolding and intervention)

Maslow’s  theory/Deficiency vs growth needs
Classical  Conditioning/Pavlov  UCS, CS, UCR, CR
Stimulus generalization
(Little  Albert, Pavlov’s dogs)
Operant  Conditioning/Learning/Skinner  Pos/Neg reinforcement and punishment
Reinforcement schedules (fixed ratio, fixed interval, etc.)  Antecedent, Behavior, Consequence
Descriptive  vs. experimental research
Social  Learning Theory
Externalizing  vs Internalizing behaviors
ELL/ESL  language development/ acquisition
Kohlberg’s  theory
Memory  ST, LT, etc.
categories of long-term memory
Declarative/procedural, etc.
Memory strategies (e.g., chunking)
Sensory register, sensory integration
Reasoning  Inductive, deductive (and syllogisms), prototypes, exemplars, heuristics (overconfidence, underconfidience, representativeness…)
Disabilities  Giftedness, autism, OHI (Other Health Impaired), SLD (Specific Learning Disability),  ADHD, Intellectual Disability, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Emotional Disturbance
Intelligence  Cattell and  Horn (fluid, crystalized)
Heritability,  modifiability
Sternberg’s Triarchic theory
Gender  Development (theories, behavioral, biological, social learning)
SES,  Male vs. Female differences, Poverty
Constructivist  approach to learning
Parenting  Styles
Classroom  rules/behavior management
Risk factors and mental health (depression, suicide, symptoms…)

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