What would be an example, in your future career, where providing  clarity will be absolutely necessary to resolve a situation? 50 words

How could you rephrase the statement ‘it is hard being a student’ to give it clarity?50 words

How can you determine if information is credible? How can this be applied in your life? 50 words

·  Hillary Clinton was the best presidential candidate.   Discuss whether it sounds like a fact or an opinion. 50 words

How could you make the statement ‘it is hard being a student’ clear? 50 words

What would be a relevant fact in support or against immigration?

What would be an irrelevant fact in support of or against immigration? 50 words

What is an example of bias? This could include bias you see in the  news, at work, or in your personal life. You may also provide a  hypothetical example as well. 50 words

What are some examples of social indoctrination that you have  witnessed? Where do you obtain your information on this topic from, to  ensure that you are looking at all sides of the issue?50 words