Chemistry week one learning activities


1. Identify the following as an observation (O), a hypothesis (H), an experiment (E), or a conclusion (C).2

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a. While conducting a new procedure to peel oranges, John noted that it was faster than the traditional one

b. After repeating a new procedure to peel oranges several times, John realized that it is faster than the traditional procedure.

c. John decided to repeat a new procedure to peel oranges several times to evaluate whether it was faster than the traditional one.

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d. John believes that a new procedure to peel oranges will be faster than the traditional one 

2. Solve each of the following for x

a.   x/2 + 2 = 5

b.  4x – 8 = 24

c. 3x + 4 = 13

d. 7a = 49

e. 2b + 5 = b + 9

3. Write the following in scientific notation

a. 4900000

b. 0.0000347

c. 676000000

d. 0.00000908

e. 0.00050

f. 5006000

4. Which number in each of the following pairs is larger?     

a. 2.3 x 107  or  65300

b. 0.0004  or  5.0 x 10-6

c. 2.54 x 103 or  254

d. 4.5 x 10-5  or  7.4 x 10-6

5. How many significant figures are in each of the following?

a. 2.0004

b. 0.00000345

c. 42.000

d. 43000

e. 0.00004200

6.  A sculptor has prepared a mold for casting a bronze figure. The figure has a volume of 675 mL. If the bronze has a density of 7.8 g/mL, how many ounces of bronze are needed in the preparation of the bronze figure?

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