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just use your own word to answer each questions. no references, no other people’s idea. 

Written Case Analysis (15X4=60 Points) 

You are required to submit FOUR individual case analysis of up to three pages (Times
New Roman, 12 point, single spaced
) on the following 4 cases: Madonna, Casino
Gambling Industry; Coach; & Nucor. Please note that Madonna & Casino Gambling
Industry cases are not in the Text, and .pdf copies of these cases will be posted on to
Canvas. Questions for each case will also be posted on to Canvas. The written case
analysis is due on the day the case is scheduled for discussion in the class in the form of
print copy (Please make sure to print out the case write-up and bring it to the class and
it will be collected from you at the end of the class). Also please upload an electronic
copy on to Canvas (through the Assignment link) before class begins. Please note that
this document will be processed by turnitin. com to detect possible plagiarism and
review originality. A write-up not submitted according to the procedures and format
prescribed above will not be accepted. 

Academic Integrity & Plagiarism in Case Write-ups

 Plagiarism, especially from the internet or websites, or from previous class
submissions, and from any other source is UNACCEPTABLE and will be dealt
severely with under the University’s policy on academic dishonesty. The written case
assignment is to be prepared on an individual basis and it is expected that the content of
your written case reflects YOUR thoughts and analysis rather than the work of others.
One of the criteria applied for grading the quality and originality of written case analysis
is as follows: 

1. Evidence of ability to size-up the organization’s situation and to identify key

2. Use of appropriate analytical techniques, sound logic, and well-supported
arguments in evaluating the organization’s present condition and future

3. Evidence of ability to formulate realistic and workable recommendations for

4. Thoroughness — both (a) scope and coverage and (b) depth of analysis. 

5. Evidence of ability to use good communication skills.
6. Evidence of adequate preparation, pride of workmanship, and display of
professional attitude and approach.
Papers which, in the opinion of the instructor, employ disproportionately poor grammar
and poor quality written communication skills will receive up to a two letter grade

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