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DUE 3/9/18 7 P.M EST READ DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY 4 PAGES NOT INCLUDING TITLE AND REFERENCE PAGE (MIN 4 REF) PUBLIC HEALTH CAMPAIGN (PRESCRIPTION DRUG OVERDOSE)    Assignment: Applying Theory to Practice and Research There are four common theories often used in public health. They are: the Theory of Reasoned Action, the Health Belief Model, the […]

36168 -1- Page within 6hrs

36168 Topic: HA W3R2 Number of Pages: 1 (Double Spaced) Number of sources: 2 Writing Style: APA Type of document: Essay Academic Level:Master Category:   Nursing Language Style: English (U.S.) Order Instructions: Attache


  CARBOPLATIN IS THE DRUG. The purpose of this assignment is to thoroughly evaluate one drug used to treat cancer.  This assignment should cover all aspects of the drug which may include: drug discovery, mechanism of action, molecular interactions, scientific/medical studies, medical diagnosis of disease, disease background/prevalence, drug administration, dosing, side effects, nursing considerations, and effectiveness/efficacy […]

Multidisciplinary Approach to Health Promotion

   Multidisciplinary Approach to Health Promotion Think about the approach to strategic planning and the resource allocation related to promoting a holistic health care promotion plan for diabetic Latino population. Who are the stakeholders that will be involved in the implementation of the plan? How will you get them on board with the plan? How […]

Need ASAP! Tomorrow

What leadership qualities did Whitmore highlight and state that were likely to be common to all leaders? Do you agree or disagree with Whitmore’s assessment? Why or why not? Add at least one additional value that you feel is important and explain your rationale.  Plagiarism Free Apa format  250 words 

HCS 490 Week 3 Current Article Summary

Find a short news or online article that has been recently published (within the current month) that addresses healthcare reform in the United States.   Write a 350- to 700-word summary that describes the issue and its impact on the health industry and society as a whole.   Consider the following:What is the article about?Does the article provide […]

Module 06 Discussion – Healthcare Applications

 Research the Internet about healthcare apps that are available to you. Describe how your choice educates patients, increases awareness, and advances care. Discuss the benefits of healthcare apps and who would benefit from them most. Specifically address how they can help health care professionals. 


Please answer to this discussion post with no less than 150 words. APA style, reference and no plagiarism is a must. Similarity report should be less than 20%. Thanks  HealthCare and Governance Discussion 5 Yitsy Serrano Florida National University Political institutions are fundamental in the health sector in establishing democracy and economic growth. It is […]

NUR3045 Module 2 Quiz Chapter 5 2017

   Question 1 While caring for a patient from the Chinese culture, the nurse learns that the patient has a specific practice that follows yin and yang. What impact will this have on the patient’s dietary intake? 1. The patient will eat only specified combinations of food. 2. Some foods are only eaten at different […]

Nurse Change project

Change project: In South Florida patients with type 2 diabetes, does lifestyle modification such as diet and physical activity help lower HBA1C compared to  those who do not make life style changes. Write a literature review of your change project topic using peer-reviewed articles, books, and evidence-based guidelines. Identify and cite all sources of data […]