Assignment one (3119)


Select a nursing theory that best aligns with your personal theory of nursing. 

Discuss the components of the selected nursing theory and how you implement these components in your practice.

Submit a  four (4) page scholarly paper  to include cover and reference pages. The title and reference pages are included.

Sources are to be from a scholarly journal article or a text book (including the course text). Please refer to grading rubric. APA format required, headings etc



1. Headings are required in all scholarly papers as per APA. Headings separate thoughts and ideas.  In this course and in the rest of the courses you will use level one headings in all papers to include ASL reflection paper.

2. A conclusion should be included as a level one heading. In the conclusion section, you summarize the points made in the body of the paper.

3. Use correct author from the George text and any other book. Pay attention to the author of the chapter you are using from the George text. See in APA manual how to cite and reference a chapter that has been written by a separate author. You must give proper credit to the author of all work used in your papers

4. Use only English titled nursing journals.