assigmnent 12

  M4:Braden Scale Dropbox

Please read the article and answer:
1. Why did the author access the PubMed system and then what for?

2. What is the incidence of pressure ulcers between 1999 and 2004?

3. When was the Braden scale developed?

4. What are the six factors that are considered for the Braden scale?

5. Which government agency is responsible for clinical practice guidelines?

6. List at least three reasons that a hospital would be interested in identifying a pressure ulcer

       early in the patient’s hospital stay.

7.  What does the term nosocomial mean?

8. What is risk assessment and why is it such an important aspect of hospital management?

9. Why is the selection of a proper surface to lie on an important part of wound management? (be


10. Which analysis was utilized in the results section and why?

11. Is the hospital that you are working for using the Braden scale? If so, then state if it appears  

         to be working and if not then give a reason that they may not want to use it. (If not working

        then just give the main reason that an institution would want to use the scale).