Asperger's and diabetes in the community Presentation

PDR-222068 Asperger’s and diabetes in the community Presentation • 2.5 cm margins and double line space your work,. • Font must be 12pt, unless otherwise indicated. • All pages must be numbered. • Student name and number must be included in the header or footer of every page of every assignment. • Assessment item 1- Asperger’s and diabetes in the community Essay: Addressing complexity in health care Value: 40% Length: 2000 words APA reference, minimum 10 references, from 2013 and younger Assignment 1 People with chronic conditions and disabilities often experience a range of concurrent physical and mental health issues that result in a complex scenario. It is known that chronic disease is the leading cause of death across the world (Johnson & Chang, 2014, p.2). Nurses need to be able to provide care to all health consumers, with a significant role in assessing a person, planning care, communicating with colleagues and ensuring that the holistic needs are met and evaluated.The ongoing nature of the conditions can result in longer term debilitating outcomes if not addressed appropriately. Children, young people, adults and older adults all experience the full range of health issues. This assignment encourages you to explore issues facing individuals confronted with long term health issues, to draw upon recent reports and current journal articles to present a paper that informs the reader about the key issues the group may face, the current trends in Australia and the key roles of the nurse within the health environment. Specifically, you will need to: Reflect on the complex issues related to both issues facing an individual child, young person, adults or older person with a combination of either: Criteria Part 1: 25% Reflects on complex issues facing a individual child, young person, adult or older person with a specific condition Part 2: 25% Discussed the key issues facing populations with the specific condition. Part 3: 25% Critically analyzed the nursing strategies for the person using guiding principles Presentation (nil marks) but marks will be deducted if poorly presented. Structure: 25% Introduction 5% Body 15% Conclusion 5% Referencing: marks will be lost for poor referencing style. Utilizes more than 10 papers, current, relevant and from a range of sources 7 pages, 15 APA references