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Data structure is useful and important in programming because they  help us understand the nature of the problem at a deeper level. Data  structures are a particular way or organizing data in a computer so that  the data may be used effectively. There are many different data  structures such as binary tree, hashing, graph, matrix, and array. An  example of a data structure using the same data type is the array. 

Arrays are commonly used in computer programs to organize data so  that a related set of values can be easily sorted or searched.and when  to use the array. Arrays are extremely powerful data structures that  store elements of the same type. The type of elements and the size of  the array are fixed and defined when you create it.

To understand how an array works, it may help to imagine a computer’s  memory as a grid. An array takes advantage of this grid-like structure  to store lists of related information in adjacent memory locations. This  guarantees efficiency for finding those values. Memory is allocated  immediately after the array is created and it’s empty until you assign  the values. Arrays are classified as Homogeneous Data Structures because  they store elements of the same type. They can store numbers, strings,  boolean values (true and false), characters, objects, and so on and so  forth. Once the type of values that your array will store are defined,  the array’s elements must be that same type. You cannot mix and match  different types of data, such as letters and numbers.

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