A+ Answers Of The Following Questions

1. Visual aids can be very useful to a speaker because they (Points : 4)
often take the place of statistics.
enhance the clarity of a speaker’s ideas.
can be passed among members of the audience.
do not require a great deal of explanation.
all of the above.

2. Which of the following does your textbook present as a guideline for preparing visual aids? (Points : 4)
Keep visual aids simple.
Use a minimum of three fonts on each PowerPoint slide.
Write words in all capital letters.
all of the above.

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3. Camille prepared excellent PowerPoint slides for her speech about education reform, but the speech didn’t go as well as she had hoped. She had trouble finding the Enter key on her computer to advance her slides, and sometimes she skipped a slide because she held the key down too long. According to your textbook, Camille could have presented her slides more effectively if she had (Points : 4)
set up her slides to advance automatically.
practiced using the keyboard until she could advance the slides easily.
checked the equipment in the room to make sure it worked properly.
used her mouse to advance the slides instead of using the Enter key.
borrowed someone else’s computer for her speech.

1. Which of the following is an instance of persuasive speaking? (Points : 4)
a coach reviewing the offensive plays for next week’s game
a lawyer explaining the details of a plea bargaining agreement to her client
an architectural firm recommending adoption of its building plan
a botanist reporting the discovery of a new species
an activist honoring past leaders of the labor movement

2. That part of the audience a speaker most wants to persuade is called the (Points : 4)
specific audience.
designated audience.
central audience.
special audience.
target audience.

3. As explained in our textbook, at which of the following would you be most likely to hear a persuasive speech on a question of fact? (Points : 4)
a graduation ceremony
a retirement banquet
an awards ceremony
a political convention
a jury trial

1. Hearing is a _____ process, and listening is a _____ process (Points : 4)
mental; physical
mental; psychological
physical; mental
physical; physical

2. When an audience is in favor of the speaker’s position, it is most important for a speaker to: (Points : 4)
Motivate them to act
Answer all of their arguments
Refer to authorities that support the speaker’s argument
Present multiple sides of the issue

3. When an audience is opposed to a speaker’s position, it is most important for a speaker to: (Points : 4)
Motivate them to act
Answer all of their arguments
Refer to authorities that support the speaker’s argument
Present multiple sides of the issue

1. When you are selecting evidence to support your speech claims, you should make sure that _______ (Points : 4)
The evidence comes from a well-respected source
The evidence is from a well-known source
The evidence is common knowledge
All of the above

2. Which answer is not a component of an APA references citation (Points : 4)
Author’s first name
Author’s last name
Title of the source
Publication date

3. In conversation, stating in your own words your understanding of what someone else said is ___. (Points : 4)

1. If you have prepared a speech, but do not plan to use the same exact wording during presentation, you will be speaking (Points : 4)
from memory
from a manuscript

2. Speaking with no changes in pitch or rate is described as speaking (Points : 4)
With poor articulation
In monotone
In an impromptu manner


3. Research indicates that the impact of examples is greatly enhanced when they are combined with _______ that show(s) the examples to be typical. (Points : 4)
causal reasoning
credibility statements
emotional appeals

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